How to Sell Books on Pinterest

I know what you’re thinking. Not another social media marketing technique! But the truth is that it is a good idea for authors to have a Pinterest account. In fact, Pinterest has become (in effect) a search engine for people to find products. And your book is a product, after all.

But, you may ask, how can I sell books on Pinterest? It’s not a terribly interactive online space. How will I interest readers in my work there? Here are some statistics from SproutSocial that may convince you.

Would it surprise you to know that millennials use Pinterest as much as they do Instagram? In fact, half of adults aged 18 – 34 use Pinterest at least once a month.

Plus 40% of pinners have a household income of more $100,000. These are the consumers that have the disposable income to buy books.

In addition, 93% of active Pinterest users say they use Pinterest to plan their purchases.

And 78% say it’s useful to see pinned content from brands. And you do have an author brand, right?

Furthermore, Pinterest users spend 29% more on retail than non-users.

Finally, Pinterest provides $2 in profit per $1 spent on ads.

But Pinterest isn’t just about advertising and direct sales. It’s also a great way to establish your author brand in a visual way.

Even if you haven’t published your first book yet, if you’d like to write for a living, you need to be prepared to market efficiently.

If you’re an author (indie, trad, or aspiring), find out more about my experiences in the marketing trenches. Because it pays to keep up with the latest marketing trends. Take it from one who’s been at this since 2009.

Sign up for Pinterest and start pinning! :)

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