How Not to be Successful


We live now in times of incredible distraction. Everywhere we look there are success stories. Along with that are stories of people who overcame incredible odds to succeed at something or other, despite an infirmity or life-changing event of some sort or other. And we want to be successful, too.

We see these stories and think, “Oh, I wish I could be them” or “Thank God I’m not them.”

Either way, we’re doing a form of comparison that’s unhealthy for us.

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Never Buy a Book Based on the Title Alone


Raise your hand if you’ve ever bought a book based on the title. If you have, don’t be embarrassed. I can’t see you, anyway. 🙂

I’ll admit I’ve done it. I’ve bought books based on titles and blurbs. I’ll see a book entitled such that it holds the promise of a secret and think, “Oh, goody! A solution.”

Here’s the sobering truth. I’ve read these books, but I can’t remember what they said. In fact, I probably spent 90 percent of the time either skimming through extraneous verbiage or nodding along while reading information I already knew.

There are few exceptions to this phenomenon. So few, the titles have slipped my mind.

So, before you buy a book on anything else based on the title, sleep on it. Check out the sample chapters (which may or may not be representative) and, if you’re still interested, give it a shot.

Here’s a video tutorial that can also save you a little dough. 🙂

Plus, a copy of the planner I made in the video. Just click here to download the PDF! 🙂

And here’s a sample page!