‘Generation: Freedom’ (2019): A Must-See Documentary

This documentary is an inspiring look at sixteen individuals who (for various reasons) no longer hold “regular jobs,” but now make a living with online businesses. The interviewees represent a healthy variety of business models, including blogging, podcasting, and product sales.

Their stories underscore how anyone with determination and patience can achieve what they have. The film even breaks down the process into six steps: passion, income stream, audience, test, begin, and grow.

One thing that’s striking about these successful entrepreneurs is how many of them never expected to own a business. And they show how passion for a subject can combine with commerce to create a sustainable income.

This movie is a must-see for anyone who’d like to make money online. It’s a film of substance, so be sure to take notes.

Here’s the trailer:

Disclosure: I received a free screener copy of this film for the purpose of writing an honest review.

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