Taking Steps to Prevent Burnout

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

I’m going to talk today a little bit about the problem of burnout. Specifically, ways to prevent burnout.

I read a lot about stress management, health, wellness, that kind of thing, primarily because I’m dealing with a chronic health condition myself, and something that I have learned from experience is that if you try to do too many different things for too long you’re going to wear out. And I think part of the problem today is that we get so much information so fast and so many people are telling us to try this, try that, in order to succeed that we end up doing too many things.

So I think the takeaway here that I’m trying to convey to you is if you aren’t careful and intentional about what you do in terms of marketing your work or applying your time to a certain endeavor, it’s going to hurt you more than it helps you. And in order to be a successful writer or creator of any sort, you have to manage your time effectively. And think about what you’re doing and decide very intentionally what things you’re going to do. And I can get a little bit more into the concept of intentional later, but the whole idea is to be deliberate in your choices. That’s what I’m trying to say. Deliberate. That’s really the only tip I have for the moment. I want to explore this topic a bit more and I’ve been trying to organize my thoughts on that. So if this is a topic of interest to you, I would really appreciate a comment or an indication of some sort that you’d like to hear more. Again, I’m speaking from life experience. Having a chronic health condition forces you to think of these things.

And with that I’ll just say I’ll talk to you later. More to come on the subject!

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