Know Your Rights as an Indie Author Before You Sign

If you’re going to take the indie author route, it’s essential to understand your rights under Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) contract.

When you self-publish your work through KDP, you are signing a contract with Amazon.

One of things that writers often get confused about is that Amazon is not publishing your books. The author is the publisher and Amazon is a platform upon which the author’s books are distributed.

You may not know this, but Amazon can change your book price, if it wants to. This is in that agreement that you probably didn’t read, because no one reads this crap signed with them. You did sign a contract, so you’re bound by the terms, even the ones you didn’t read.

Amazon reserves the right to change your book’s price, among other things. In fact, it’s pretty interesting how many changes Amazon can make that affect an author/publisher. But they’re not going to be unscrupulous, right? Because … because they’re not. You don’t get to be King of E-commerce the biggest e-commerce site by being underhanded, right?

I suggest you listen to this short video about Amazon and KDP. And download the print version of the video. Read it and weep. 🙂

Video and text via Goldman & Minton, P.C.

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