Why Should Authors Care About SEO Marketing?


Every time I turn around, marketing advice pops up. It emphasizes the importance of SEO, aka, search engine optimization. And, apparently, if you don’t know it, you’re screwed you’ll never succeed as a marketer.

So, now, in order to succeed as a writer, apparently we must be concerned about SEO marketing. At least, enough to know the basics.

And, really, how hard are those?

You want an easy way to check out the SEO value of a search term? (And you know a search term can be a phrase, right?) Try typing it into Google. Watch how it autofills into different phrases. These represent frequent searches on Google. Obviously, if Google notices these searches, you’ll want to think about using the same or similar keywords (oops, another term—I’ll get to that in a second). And the more specific the phrases, the more highly-targeted your reach will be.

This is a good thing. I’d rather have 100 rabid fans of my type of fiction than 300 lukewarm readers.

Keywords play a part in SEO, of course. Basically, keywords are used to categorize your writing. They should define your work in terms that your reader would use to describe it. Or, more precisely, the terms your reader would use to find books like yours.

And keywords pop up all over the place. Whether its in your blog posts, YouTube videos, or your book’s title and description. Hashtags on Twitter (and wherever else) are basically #keywords.

On that note, here are two mini-lessons on keywords and book description.

Plus more keyword tools than you can shake a stick at! 🙂

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