How Not to be Successful


We live now in times of incredible distraction. Everywhere we look there are success stories. Along with that are stories of people who overcame incredible odds to succeed at something or other, despite an infirmity or life-changing event of some sort or other. And we want to be successful, too.

We see these stories and think, “Oh, I wish I could be them” or “Thank God I’m not them.”

Either way, we’re doing a form of comparison that’s unhealthy for us.

The point is, we are not these other people. And taking a high-priced class to learn how to duplicate their success will probably not produce the results you hoped for.

This is why I genuinely try in my courses to impart a real value to every student. And this is what I look for in any online continuing learning I get from others. Real value and not a high-pressure pitch to buy.

I’m not saying that other online courses are a waste of time. I am saying that you should never feel pressured to hand over your hard-earned money to another person.

Just don’t let anyone sell you any “second-act snake oil”. :)

And on that note, here’s a book review I vlogged about the book Hit Makers. It’s well worth the reading!


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