Why You Should Start a Podcast


You might not believe this, but this may be the best time ever to start a podcast.

According to a Fast Company article dated April 25, 2018, there are more than “525,000 active shows and over 18.5 million episodes”. And these numbers climb daily.

The increase in podcasts should encourage you to start your own. Don’t think of the others as competition. A podcast should be geared toward a particular audience. The large number of podcasts only shows that demand is high.

Not convinced? Here are some podcast stats that’ll give you food for thought.

2018 Podcast Statistics
Via Podcast Insights.

What distinguishes your podcast from others will be the topic you choose, your particular voice and style, and your purpose in starting one.

In the past, if you had a unique message, the best way to get it across was with a blog. That hasn’t changed, but podcasts let you do the same thing with audio. And audio is a popular medium. Consider how popular audiobooks have become over the last five years, according to this article.

Via Perspectives on Reading.

I’m in my fourth year of hosting a podcast and have learned plenty in the process. If you’d like to check out the Crime Cafe, click here. Check out the drop-down menu to find each season.

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