I Made My First iPhone Documentary

I’ve made my first iPhone documentary. Actually, it’s my third, but I consider the first two to be practice runs.

My first attempt to make a documentary was at Savage Fest, an annual event in June. Here it is:

Savage: A Howard County Community from Debbi Mack on Vimeo.

My second try at documenting an event on video also took place in Savage, Maryland.

This latest video is my most ambitious—at least, in my opinion. It’s about a series of protests that took place throughout July on an I-95 overpass. Close to Savage, possibly even in it. Or possibly Laurel. Things get a bit fuzzy there … boundary-wise.

Anyway, here are some “behind the scenes” stills from the documentary shoot.

The finished product will be coming soon. To a computer or device near you! 🙂

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