You Can Learn to Make Videos

There’s a very easy way for anyone to learn to make videos. Just pick up a damn camera and start!

That’s essentially what I did when I started making my own original videos for the Vimeo Weekend Challenge.

The Vimeo Weekend Challenge is a perfect way for beginners (like moi!) to get their feet wet with moving photography. Basically, the folks at Vimeo give you a theme, required length, and other specs you need to follow for the video you submit. You make something and you submit. Simple as that!

My first foray into the Weekend Challenge was a 5-second piece I made about busted romance for Valentine’s Day, but it seems I must have taken it down. In any case, it wasn’t like a work of genius or anything. Like any of my videos are! 🙂

However, here’s one I made recently for the Vimeo Weekend Challenge. The prompt or theme was to photograph light effects in five 5-second shots. I’m no technical genius, but I did what I could. 🙂

The video is called “Go Outside”.

Go Outside from Debbi Mack on Vimeo.
And here’s one I made that had to be based on a voice mail message. In this one, something went very wrong with the voice mail! 🙂

And I actually made runner-up in the Weekend Challenge with this one! I was so shocked thrilled! 🙂

The Snarky Muse from Debbi Mack on Vimeo.

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