Escape to the Oregon Coast

Traveling to Oregon is usually something we do in the summer. But, we decided to brave the elements for another family reunion. We also decided to jointly rent a place on the Oregon coast.

Despite the fact that my Botox injections for dystonia seemed to have done nada, I gathered my strength (and tried not to freak out about the whole thing), packed a bag, and made the plane trip without passing out or falling down a set of stairs or escalator. Something I’ve done before—anyway, I made it alive and (mostly) well.

The first day was spent in Portland, which has an awesome breakfast place.


I actually remembered to take a picture of my meal there!

Breakfast burrito!

But the vacation began in earnest when we arrived at the beach house.

We split the rental on an AirBnb managed by Meredith Lodging. The place was huge and fabulous. What a view we had of the ocean.

View from the upstairs porch.

Although I did skip the hike the first day, I just had to walk down to the beach at some point. This turned into a family walk.

My least-blurry photo from the walk.

There was also a restaurant where they served the creamiest, most delicious clam chowder.

This is the place with the chowder.

Unfortunately, I ate the chowder before taking a photo. I am the world’s worst travel/food blogger.

The place came with books (even though, of course, I brought my own) and had a puzzle.

As you can see we completed it practically the next day. Or maybe it was the next day. It all seemed to go so fast.


I almost forgot about going to Java Depot to get my espresso drink one afternoon.

Then there was the next day. Or the day after. I lost track.

This is Oregon in winter? Loving it!

Here’s where I realized I had videos no one would see if I kept writing this, so I decided to make a video about the trip! :)

PS: Sorry about this half-baked semi-ridiculous mess of a post. I blame it on jet lag.

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