Hello! It’s Me!

Hi! It’s me. 🙂

This is an update I shared first with my
Crime Cafe patrons and then with my Substack readers. I will now share it with you.

In an attempt to actually keep you updated, I’m in the process of creating a series of books based on the Crime Cafe interviews. That’s just one of the things I’ve been up to.

I’ve also been doing screenwriting for some time now, and I recently attended a workshop on indie film producing. This is a thing I’d like to do.

At the workshop, I ran into the director I worked with on the 48 Hour Film Project. She agreed to take a look at a short script I wrote about the dangers of plastics. And she liked it! So … hopefully, we’ll make it at some point. But we need to get our ducks in a row. That will take time, but I’ll let you know when/if it happens. We’re shooting for next year. Hopefully, we will be shooting it. Film, that is. 🙂 Well, video. Whatever.

I also would like to delve more into podcast production. It’s been a long-time hope of mine to create (essentially) the modern version of an old-time radio show.

Meanwhile, I’m scrounging for money.  Self-publishing has become (for me) a very high-priced hobby. Not even the Author’s Guild recognizes me as a professional author. Because I don’t clear a profit anymore.

So … when authors say they don’t do this for the money, what they really mean is that they don’t write ONLY for the money.

Keep that in mind before you buy anything from Amazon, a platform that (frankly) is no longer worth my time or concern, as far as ebooks go. I’m taking all my ebooks down from Amazon at the first of next year.

Why? First, I barely make any money/sales there. Second, there’s this response from Draft2Digital when I asked about switching my distribution to Amazon through their service:

Hi Debbi,

I don’t recommend doing that. I never want to speak poorly of a vendor partner, [Already, red flags are waving!] but Amazon goes out to [sic] their way to keep authors direct with their service. [My, what a huge surprise. Not!] For a book previously published on Amazon, once you submit it through our service (even after you’ve delisted on your direct account), Amazon will claim they see the book published by another publisher (your prior KPD account) and ask that we prove we have the necessary rights to publish the book. This involves paperwork which Amazon may or may not reject and they request everything from signed Rights Reversion Letters to signed contractual agreements. It can take weeks or even months to work through the back/forth with Amazon, where they tend to reject everything outright at first and we have to request repeatedly for consideration and review before they will finally look at the documents.

[At this point, you should be thinking, “WTF?” The rights to my books have been mine and continue to be mine. Who the fuck is Amazon to question my decision to switch from distributing my work directly with them to distributing through D2D? They’re still getting their (tiny) cut of my (tiny) sales, either way.]

They won’t accept any document that is not physically signed by all parties involved. They will want proof of the prior publishing account, so you’ll need to send us screenshot [sic] so the current KPD account, with account ID and email included. Often times, they lock up both projects until the question of right is resolved.

[This isn’t particularly onerous. Just completely stupid and a waste of time.]

If you have reviews, they say those reviews should move automatically but we have no way of forcing that to happen, so if it doesn’t, then those reviews are lost. If you change any part of the book title, author name, or publisher name, they won’t move reviews and will claim they cannot be certain it is the same account.

[What? Amazon NOT keep a promise? Not give a damn about little me and my books? Imagine that.]

For brand new content (never before published), none of this happens. But when trying to move from a direct KDP account to publishing the same thing through D2D, I try to work authors [sic] to expect delays, and repeated requests for proof of copyrights from Amazon.

[Dear Amazon, I’ll be happy to refer you to the U.S. copyright registrations for all my work (almost). Dipshits.]

Best Regards,


Director of Operations


[Thanks, Tara. That was an education!]

Amazon is crossing a line here. This is utter bullshit.

Say “No!” to Amazon!

PS: I’ve started work on the third Erica Jensen novel.

(Possible) Working Title: Deadly Legacy.

Have a great day!

There, I said it! 🙂

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